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307 Ranch Angus & Wagyu Beef - Curated to Perfection

What We're All About

307 Ranch was conceived from the idea that good beef just isn’t good enough. Our goal is to ensure that our beef isn’t just good—it’s exquisite, it’s delectable, it’s extraordinary. Time and effort were channeled towards researching and studying different feeding and breeding methods while keeping a commitment to better nutrition and health to curate the perfect cut that is not only healthy, but full of flavor.

Chefs. Restaurants. Families. Friends.
Our cuts bring us together to enjoy how quality beef is supposed to taste.

Shop Our Beef

We have a wide variety of succulent cuts that will allow you to experience our beef on many different levels and styles. Every choice cut is a choice made wisely. Stop by our Seminole shop or call us at 432-788-0900 to place your order today!

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