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The Ranch

307 Ranch is a small, boutique cattle ranch located in beautiful West Texas where the sunsets paint the endless sky with palettes of color that would make an artist blush.


Our fields are saturated with life and cultivated to provide essential nutrients to our free-range cattle who enjoy a peaceful and tranquil environment to roam.

Our Commitment

307 Ranch features curated Wagyu and Angus beef. We pride ourselves on providing the best culinary experience through wholesome and humane treatment along with natural feeding practices for customers who demand quality.

Nutrition doesn’t just come through food and supplementation; it comes through being raised on land designed to keep our cattle stress-less and naturally free to roam and graze. Stress effects cattle just like it does humans, so we try to keep things calm and relaxing to help our cattle to grow and mature.

Our Herd

307 Ranch has curated cattle from different breeds known throughout the world. We feature Japanese Wagyu and prime Angus cattle as they are two of the most well-known and premium breeds consumed throughout culinary culture.

Our Wagyu is a Japanese breed that is known for a succulent and unique flavor that is incomparable and unequaled. Featuring delicate lines of magnificent marbling, Wagyu beef bursts with a flavor and richness that you just cannot find in standard or even prime beef. That is why Wagyu is often listed for such a high price on the steakhouse menu (if your steakhouse even offers it). Its unique makeup is a playground of flavors for top chefs around the globe and is highly sought-after by the top steakhouses and restaurants worldwide. Wagyu is a top-shelf selection for those who seek steak perfection.

Our Angus has been curated to surpass the quality of most beef cuts on the market. It takes the flavor, marbling and quality to a whole new level. Our breeders are nerdy when it comes to beef and through countless hours of research and development, we have been able to curate our beef to exhibit extensive marbling and rich flavor that will make every bite an adventure and a pleasure.

Our Affiliations

307 Ranch is a member of the American Wagyu Association and Texas Wagyu Association and we adhere to their standards to ensure that every cut is delivered with the confidence and quality you deserve. We are picky about our beef, too. So, we thought of all the questions we have as consumers ourselves and committed to answering each one by meeting and exceeding these nationally recognized certifications and certificates. You can be sure that every cut we offer is backed by our quality standards as well as the standards set forth by these prestigious organizations.

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