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307 Ranch Beef

Our cattle have been curated to provide our customers with the best quality and satisfaction on the market. Through responsible breeding and feeding, we have been able to produce impeccable results that presents well from the kitchen at home to the upscale culinary steakhouse. But, most importantly, it has been curated just for you.


The delectable taste and supple tenderness of highly marbled 100% Wagyu beef allows the preparer to produce a gourmet experience that would be enjoyed in many five-star establishments around the world. But, it’s not just delicious, it’s also incredibly healthy. The mono-unsaturated to saturated fat ration is higher than what you find in other beef and the composition of that saturated fat differs from other beef. It contains forty percent stearic acid, which is recognized to have a minimal effect in elevating cholesterol levels, and high quantities of a fatty acid called conjugated linoleic acid (CLA)—approximately 30% more than other beef breeds—making it much healthier and more nutritionally beneficial.

307 Signature

Combining our 100% Wagyu and our 100% Angus, we curated an incredible blend we like to call "307 Signature". This amazing combination produces a cut with the best of Angus flavor and the richness of Wagyu in one. While Wagyu is desired by many beef connoisseurs, some find that it is too rich for their liking but appreciate the quality of the marbling. By combining the richness of Wagyu with the flavor of Angus, we have curated a blend that brings the best of both breeds together.


We spent countless hours and vast resources to study the curation of beef and have discovered a way to produce Angus cattle that exhibit improved marbling and flavor. Curated through controlled and responsible nutrition and beneficial environments, our Angus cattle have been elevated above the rest of their breed to produce some of the most succulent cuts of meat you have ever experienced.

Health Benefits

307 Ranch has taken health to another level by focusing on quality and purity in our Wagyu. By putting nutrition and safety at the forefront of all we do, we have been able to curate our beef to not only taste incredible but is good for you too.

Wagyu is known for its quality and purity as well as the health benefits it exhibits in its physical makeup. Featuring higher levels of stearic acid and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), Wagyu beef is considerably healthier than standard beef. By curating our breeds with health-focused feeding and raising methods, we tirelessly work to ensure that every cut of Wagyu is packed with as much of its native nutrients as possible.

We strive to uncover the maximum natural quality of each cow so that when your favorite cut hits the plate, it’s the best you have ever had. Due to the size of our operation, we are able to focus more intently on keeping our standards ridiculously high—a quality other ranches may sacrifice in the name of quantity.

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