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Curated to Perfection - 307 Ranch™ Natural Wagyu & Angus Beef

307 Ranch™ Natural Wagyu & Angus Beef

At 307 Ranch™, we pride ourselves about being nerdy regarding the health and raising practices of our beef. Whether it's our Wagyu, our Angus or our 307 Signature crossbreed, we take the time to study, procure and blend the right natural ingredients to ensure our cattle are raised the RIGHT way—NO hormones, NO antibiotics and NO vaccines (MRNA or otherwise).

We only use natural grazing practices, natural feed and minerals and natural treatments for illness. No synthetics or pharmaceuticals touch our herd. And the results are dramatic. In fact, we're so picky about what we feed our herds, we decided the only way to make sure it's done right is to do it ourselves.

“No synthetics or pharmaceuticals touch our herd.”

So many of the feed products available on the market today are dependent on synthetics or pharmaceuticals for problem-solving. We determined to take the challenge upon ourselves to create something different, something clean, something healthy. Using premium salts, conditioners, vitamins, minerals and more, we developed a quality feed option that not only maintains cattle health, but drastically improves it—all while keeping the formulation clean and natural. These feeding processes have been so successful, we have captured the attention of ranchers from around the nation inquiring as to how we are able to produce these immaculate results without synthetics.

With constant attention to the quality and health of our heard, 307 Ranch™ formulators tirelessly tweak and adjust our formulations to ensure we are getting the best results through the most natural ingredients. While it may seem cost-prohibitive, we feel it's worth it to provide healthy beef to a public who desperately need quality, nutrition-rich options at the dinner table.

In the image below, you can see how we started (left) and where we've come (right). While our initial offering is quite impressive, the intense marbling, coloring and purity we have achieved since then is what has been missing from cattle production over the last several decades.

307 Ranch™ Marbled Beef Transformation
How we started (left) and where we've come (right).

And it tastes different. That's right, it tastes like beef is supposed to taste. Loaded with nutrients that have been stripped from commercial beef. Marbled with healthy fats that melt into the meat when cooked. Truly impeccable beef that can't be matched.

“It tastes like beef is supposed to taste.”

We've had former USDA inspectors independently confirm the purity of our beef. We've had show cattle producers marvel at the fact that we're processing "show cattle" due to their health and quality. And we've had numerous customers return over and over again because they love the flavor and appreciate our dedication to providing healthy products for their families.

Experience the difference in quality and flavor Texas Born & Bred 307 Ranch™ beef provides through our natural curated processes. You'll notice it from the start!

It's the perfect canvas for your next culinary creation!

NO hormones. NO antibiotics. NO vaccines.

Just clean, fresh delicious, locally born and bred BEEF curated to perfection!


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